botswana-tours-chobe-park-national-park-elephant-killers-of-savutiLions are one of the biggest Cats exited are traditionally depicted as the king of the jungle. After tiger it is the largest cat living. Once these big cats most commonly called as the lions roamed in Europe, Asia and Africa, but now they are so rare that they had been in some of the regions. Now a days wild lions are only found in two areas of the world and thereby classified into two subspecies. African lions lives in the central and southern Africa and Asiatic lions found in the Gir forest of India. These two subspecies look similar to each other they have different diets, size, habitat and more. Lions are considered as one of the most vulnerable species by IUCN as there is the major population decline in their African range species during the past two decades. Wild male lions live longer than 10 years where an injury sustained from the rival male can effect the life.
The African lion is collectively denoted the several subspecies in Africa with some of the males exceeding 250 kg of weights. The African lions are up to 6.5 feet long from head to rump and their tail measures up to 100 centimeters in length. According to the world wildlife federation Asiatic lions are much bigger, weighing 226 kg and 10 feet in length. Male lions are usually larger than females and have a mane of hair around their head. According to the San Diego Zoo the Mane around the lion’s head is to make them more impressive to females and more intimidating to other males. It also works as the protective cover to their neck during their fights.
African lions mostly live in Botswana, Mozambique, 2471The central African Republic and other sub Saharan Africa. They are most likely to be found in savanna grasslands with scatters Acacia trees. Asiatic lions are only found in the Gir forest in the whole India. The Gir forest national park or wildlife sanctuary is spread in 1412 square meters of land that covers scrub jungle, deciduous forests, grasslands and rocky hills. African lions usually does not feed in humans except for some rare case. They used to eat large animals that they find in their surroundings, including Zebras, antelopes etc. Lions are very social and therefore they live in groups or prides. Though the Asiatic lion an African lion prides are different. Asiatic lion prides divide themselves into two prides of Male lion prides and female lion prides. They came together only at the time of mating season. African Lion pride consists of maximum three male members and dozens of a female Lion with their young cubs. After 3 to 4 years they are ready to mate and produce offspring.

Nowadays lions are depleting and thereby have the threats from hunting, diseases and habitat loss. African lions are considered as vulnerable as their population is decreasing day by day. The current population of the African lion is around 30000 to 100000. The population of the lion is hugely effected in the past two decades and has been cut down to half because of the habitat loss, hunting etc. Asiatic lions are facing much more devastating situation as the humans have reduced their habitat. The IUCN list them as endangered and said that around 350 of them exists out of which 175 are the only mature ones. Various organizations are working to save them and give them the protection. In Africa, WCS organization is taking the lead and had come forward for the protection of the lions. WCS works closely with the local communities to change their farming method so that it can less effect the lion lifestyle.