Why the Jaguar Is Categorized As an Endangered Animal in Texas


When an animal is referred to as endangered, it implies that the animal is almost becoming extinct and the government has set measures to protect the few remaining. The jaguar is an animal in the cat family that has been declared to be endangered in Texas and also other regions in the world because of their reduced number and possible extinction.


The cat is the third largest in the world. The male Jaguar can grow to seven feet while weighing two hundred pounds. They are mainly found in cool and high areas. It is a carnivore which is like the rest of the cats in the region. The Jaguar is very strong and beautiful. The cat is very fond of areas that have water. Subsequently, it is mainly found in water sides and habitats that are moist. Although over history the animal has been spotted in Texas, the environment of the region is not very conducive for the animals habitation.


Over the years its population has decreased greatly. This has been mainly because it was hunted down an s it was seen to be a threat to the livestock reared by Mexicans in Texas. The animal was later hunted down because of its beautiful coat. People embraced the use of Jaguar coats as a fashion statement. This increased the number of people who invested in the fur trade. When the demand for the fur increased, the number of jaguars in the region greatly depleted. This decrease was because the animal was killed in huge numbers to meet the demand for their fur.


After the government had realized the decrease in the number of these animals, it set out to preserve the animal. It created policies prohibiting the civilization from killing and inhabiting areas where this animal was spotted. However, this mechanism did not assist since the animal has become extinct in Texas.


The last sighting of the Jaguar was in Texas. It was, however, killed in 1949 near Brownwood which made the animal entirely extinct in Texas and also the better part of the United States. Recently, there have been claims of sightings of the animal. However, these claims have been disputed because there is no proof to indicate that the animal sighted was the Jaguar. In official records, it is reported that the animal is not only endangered but extinct.


Although the animal has been declared to be extinct in Texas, the government has set out policies that prohibit the killing of the animal. texas-jag3The government has also set out policies that have prohibited the habitation of an area where the animal is sighted. Collectively, these mechanisms are meant to assist in the conservation of the animal among other endangered animals in Texas.


Animals are declared to be endangered if the government feels that the population of the animal is depleting. In this case, the government sets out to protect the remaining animals by providing them with safe habitats. The Jaguar is among the animals categorized as endangered because of the decrease in their numbers and possible extinction. This post was brought to you by our  professional carpet cleaning Houston friends at The Carpet Cleaning Pros Houston.